why nÜwa coaching

Nüwa is a goddess from Chinese Mythology and since I am very close to Chinese culture and since my first years of an adult life were marked by China I decided the name has to be connected to the misteries of this Eastern culture.

She was a goddess who created mankind and she is considered as a protector and a mender of heaven. I have had a FB page like this for a while and i sticked with the name.

Nüwa is like my mentor, idol, role-model and everything I want to share on this page has to be USEFUL, ESSENTIAL, WORTHWHILE, BENEFICIAL AND WITH GOOD, PURE INTENTION OF MAKING WHOS EVER’S TOMORROW BETTER.

MY Approach

I believe in PAY IT FORWARD kind-of-a-system. I am a thirsty learner and I am thrilled to pass on the knowledge I have learned on my own skin. I stand behind the belief of learning from other people’s mistakes rather than your own. Less painful and definitely shorter way towards success. So I won’t be preaching you things I was taught in school’, but will only talk about my own experience and implemented knowledge.

You have to know, there is a big difference between KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM. KNOWLEDGE is KNOWING something, WISDOM is DOING it.

MY Story

My journey started about 6 years ago, when I decided I will not be a prisoner of my own life anymore. I was tired of the fake life everybody saw and dying inside. I took action and STOPPED FEELING SORRY FOR MYSELF. Sounds easy, but it was only a SIMPLE DECISION. To stop with all the negativity and feel only positive, no matter the situation.

Of course, not as easy as it sounds, but will some great mentor guidence I survived a year fighting myself, my ego, my programs. I learned what means to TAKE CHARGE and RESPONSABILITY for your actions.

On the way to personal success I hurt some people, who thought I simply DON’T CARE about others, but it was only a period in time where I was making myself stronger, and had to isolate myself from EVERYBODY, and only LISTEN TO MYSELF – and nobody understood that. So I lost most of my friends and I barely speak to any of my relatives now. But that’s their choice, of not supporting me, not supporting my decision, not supporting my life. The truth is there will always be people who WON’T SUPPORT our choices in life but it’s only UP TO YOU if you will listen to them, OF YOUR HEART…

IT was a long and hard road since then, but with THE RIGHT PEOPLE around me I MADE IT TO MY PARADISE. I live a happy life in the Caribbean with my future husband and our herd of animals. I am surrounded with the ocean, beautiful nature and positive people who only support and motivate me for the better tomorrow.



“I want to live, not just survive.”

I am a lover of travel, freelance writing, spirituality, art, music, dance, nature and blissful life.

Raised in Slovenia (next to Italy), I was always eager to travel. Before I turned 25 I have been to over 15 countries and have already lived in 3.

When I was 20 I moved to China to continue my studies and stayed there almost 4 years. Found myself a wrong (but still right) person and married young. Only a year and few months later I decided I deserve more and got a divorce and completely finish my chapter in Europe.

Before I was 24 I already knew my future will not be in Europe, therefore I followed my best friends and mentors to my current paradise in the Caribbeans. Living in the capital of Dominican republic I have accomplished and lived things I could never even dream about before. Still a long way to go… but am walking… Do you ever feel like you are stuck in the same spot…?

I live every day in order to learn something new and to become a better person than I was yesterday. People I let in my life are the one with similar mentality and together we are going towards greatness.

See you there…

Next Steps…

When you stop learning, you stop living. Don’t just wait to die, LIVE!, and take action TODAY! ENJOY, RELAX, STOP STRESSING… Allow yourself to learn things you need to IMPROVE YOUR LIFE. Either is it your travelling experience, your financial life, social life, health or relationships.