Payments can be done via Paypal, bank transactions (in DR) or with S-coins.

For meditation and Numerology classes I will give you 1 free hour for each package you buy.

Please contact me and I will explain and further questions you might have.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! I will gladly reply to your emails in less than 24 hours.


  • Where/how will we meditate?

When we set a suitable time for both of us we will either meditate together via Skype, Whatsapp Call, Viber, etc.

  • Can we meditate without being face to face?

Of course. It’s not the person you meditate but the Energy you meditate with. I am only a tool to help you access the highest levels of pure energy.

  • How long does a numerological calculation of my name last?

It will take us about an hour. I will tell you your numbers, explain the basic features and then we will focus on your advantages and disadvantages in order for you to understand where you can improve your vibrations, and how.

  • How will numerology help me understand other people?

Everybody have their own features/programs we might even need years to recognize. Numerology will overpass all the pretending us as humans do automatically and you will have a clear and exact overview of this person’s behavioral patterns – to understand him/her better and avoid potential arguments due to misunderstandings that are normal on daily basis.

  • What do I need to meditate with you?

The only thing you need is good internet and a comfortable chair without a head support.

  • Do I have to speak or sing anything during our meditation?

No. We will not use any mantras. I will teach you how to completely open up and relax in quietness. I will guide your body to relax from part to part and we will listen to some soothing, relaxing music