#1 Numerological calculation of your name

gergrEverything in the world consists of vibrations, therefore, your name has a vibration, frequency you can decode. With a special knowledge from ancient Chaldean and Chinese people I will help you understand the hidden mesagges in your name (destiny number) and your birthday date (life path number). Your name was given to you for a reason and you were born on a specific day for a reason. When you learn what these codes mean, you will have a clearer understanding of your disadvantages and potencial, so you will be able to act and improve your life on all the levels.


Are you having problems with your love partner, family member or staff member? I will help you understand the person in order for both of you get better outcomes from your relationship. Sometimes the misunderstanding of each other can be so profund we cannot find a solution to our disagreements. With numerology I will decode the blockages or advantages this person has so you will learn how to work with him/her more efficiently and slowly resolve all the issues you might have.


gggWhen I explain the hidden secters of life nobody taught you about, you will be amazed how numerology can help you with social skills in all your areas – business, realtionships, love, etc. I will teach you the magic of Chinese traditional medicine from a theoretical perspective that will come handy at any moment. You will understand and learn HOW to calculate anybody’s DESTINY NUMBER, LIFE PATH NUMBER and use this magnificent knowledge in your own advantage; either is it understanding your love partner better, or how to talk to your annoying family member or even business partner.

You will learn al lthe meaning of the numbers and how health is connected to your thoughts, feeling and emotions. I will give you a preview of daily LIFE TRAINING everybody should know of, if they are in persuit of greater things.




Via skype or in person I wil teach you the ancient techniques or ’empty minds’ mastered by many spiritual monks from Tibet. ¬†Throught meditation you will find your inner peace and clear your mind any time, any place. You will learn how to focus when neccessary and how to be in control of your own emotions that are hollding you back. With mastering meditation, you will be able to ‘pause your biological clock’ and completely relax your mind and body in order to regenerate your energy and stop allowing it to be taken from your daily. You will gain daily energy and you will feel more positive and optimistic with every meditation session. I will teach you how to conect yourself with your inner you, where things are understanding and known instinctively.¬†images-3


Next Steps…

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